Self Branding is important. When thinking about branding myself it was hard to put it in a single logo. First thing that comes in mind is how to make myself stand out or look different from the fellow designers only through the look of my self. I am a person who is reserve at first but once comfortable I am talkative, friendly and people say I am fun to be around.
If we are talking about my creative side - I can come up with some cool crazy ideas in no time, I love working with people, I love learning new skills, I am not only creative digitally; I like painting and crafting and there is a lot more. 
While explaining to my professor Laura about my self branding idea this is how I was able to put it in words, "I see a lot of talented graphic designers around me, I adore them, their work is mind-blowing. I do not think of my self less tho. There is this huge garden of roses and I am the unique(rare) black rose."

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